Air freight

Established Three Air Cargo Consolidation & Distribution Centers in North China (Centralized in Beijing), South China (Centralized in Hongkong、Guangzhou and Shenzhen) and East China (Centralized in Shanghai), and the total Import and Export goods in Global Link Logistics Company has reached nearly 100,000 Metric Tons, which as the Core Forwarder Agent of more than 20 World Famous Airlines.

  • Air Freight Transportation, Sea-Air Transportation and Multi-Model Transportation
  • Certified Purchase Agreement to Europe and American, and mainly engage in Eastern Europe & Russia Business.
  • Inland Transfer Services for Airlines
  • Charter Flight Service and Special Cargo Transport Services
  • Stable and enough spaces to ensure your Peak Season Needs
  • Offer Goods Distribution, Transshipment, Door-to-Door services and Time-limited Customs Clearance Service.
  • The Transport Schemes Implementation and Professional Logistics Consultation for Fresh, Perishable goods and Valuable goods and other Special goods.

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