Railway and trucking

R-Shipping can provide the comprehensive services of Railway & Trucks, which covering the Central Asia, Mongolia, Russia and other various stations in Asia and Europe.

Railway Transportation originates from Chinese Stations to Russia, Mongolia, and five Central Asian countries via Manzhouli / Erlianhot / Alashankou / Huoerguosi.

International Multimodel Transport Shipping from all over the world via Lianyungang, Qingdao, Tianjin, and other transports transit to Russia, Mongolia, the five Central Asian Countries.

Transportation line:

  • Station of Origin - Alashankou/Dostyk - Kazakhstan/Ubekistan/ Kyrgyzstan/Tajikistan/Turkmenistan and Russia
  • Station of Origin - Horgos / Aarden Cole - Alashankou/Dostyk - Kazakhstan/Ubekistan/ Kyrgyzstan/Tajikistan/Turkmenistan and Russia
  • Station of Origin - Manzhouli / Baikal - Russia
  • Station of Origin -  Erenhot / Zamyn-Uud – Russia
  • Station of Origin - Vostochny / Vladivostok - Russia's eastern regions and transported to Russian inland cities.
  • Around the world - Lianyungang / Tianjin --- Central Asia, Mongolia, Russia

Road Transportation

R-Shipping LLC supply the Door to Door service from China Any City to Five Central Asian Countries, Russia, and Mongolia. And offer the Sea-Truck transports to Azerbaijan, Almeria, and Russia, through ports Bandar Abbas /Iran and Poti/Georgia.

Truck Advantage:

  • Scope: Central Asia, Russia, and most cities in Mongolia;
  • Timeliness: to Kazakhstan and Central Asia cities within 15-20 days;
  • Services: Door to Door Services, Inland factory Stuffing, Truck Delivery to Door after Customs Clearance at Destination;
  • Insurance: Offer whole cargo transportation insurance

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