Warehouse & Supply Chain

We work in all the major ports in the country warehouses, the focus of thousands of suppliers of goods to our warehouse, we provide value-added services in accordance with the requirements of different vendors will focus on goods exported to the entire cabinet into different destination. Able to provide customers with a variety of goods, warehousing, packing, LCL, unpacking, packing, Barcode, distribution, distribution of a full range of services;

Our customer-specific, self-developed specialized warehouse management system, real-time online information inquiry, suppliers, manufacturers and buyers can be real-time queries and operations.

Shipping arrangements: According to the customer's instructions to concentrate different suppliers of goods to different destinations in different containers, shipped to the port of destination

  1. Electron terminal system-WMS SYSTEM
  2. Master catons & Repackage
  3. Bar Scanning
  4. Palletize
  5. Unloading & Loading
  6. Warehouse Storage
  7. Sorting cartons
  8. Labeling/Marking
  9. -Export formality

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